Excel Integration - Is That Even a Thing?

Excel integration - is that even a thing?  The simple answer is yes! Whether we like it or not, Excel is a big part of our daily professional lives. As such, Excel integrations can make life even easier by eliminating the manual overheads associated with collecting and transmitting data from spreadsheets to cloud or on-premise systems.

One of the exciting new features DataBlend has to offer is its Excel plugin. With the plugin, both formatted and unformatted data can be brought in from any data source. The possibilities are nearly endless once the data is in Excel. Here are a few use cases:

  • Real-time Board Reports
  • Ad hoc modeling
  • Budget and Forecast data drivers
  • Data repository

Importing and exporting are both possible with the plugin. Because of this, data entry or reporting spreadsheets can have their data quickly and easily transferred to other systems. As a result, this saves time and effort to avoid duplicate data entry.  It also eliminates copy and paste errors.

So how does it work? Setup is super easy.

First, enter your DataBlend credentials:

Next, choose the workflow, direction of data flow (import or export) and Excel parameters.

And Voila! You are ready to execute your integration.  With DataBlend, Excel integrations are made easy!

Want to enjoy the benefits of Excel integration, contact us today!