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  • What users can do leveraging DataBlend integration?

    • Import income statement and balance sheet Actuals data
    • Import cube sheet and modeled sheet data
    • Load as many dimensions as needed
    • Manage import mappings

Why choose DataBlend over standard system connection tool/API

  • No Custom Coding

  • Faster Integration

  • Customer Success

    • Most want to be able to load their income statement, balance sheet, and transactions. They then use this data within Adaptive to do reporting, budgeting, and forecasting.
    • Prior to using DataBlend, many customers had been doing manual imports to Adaptive that would take a minimum of 1 hour, but more commonly a few hours every time they wanted to refresh their data. Now they can refresh their data in seconds and automate that by using our schedules.

Common Use Cases

QuickBooks -> Adaptive

HubSpot -> Adaptive

Epicor -> Adaptive

Intacct -> Adaptive

Workday -> Adaptive

Salesforce -> Adaptive

Adaptive -> Adaptive