DataBlend Spotlight: Have you met Amanda Schertzer yet?

Have you met Amanda Schertzer yet? She's DataBlend's QA/ Technical Documentation Specialist. Amanda recently celebrated two years at DataBlend! To celebrate this milestone with Amanda, we wanted to do a short introduction. Read more about her below.


Where are you from?

I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and love the Ohio State Buckeyes.


What’s your background?

I come from a QA and Technical Writing background. I have worked in STEM the entirety of my career and have loved every minute of it.


What are three fun facts about you?

  1. I have an adorable tuxedo cat.
  2. I love to read anything and everything. My favorite novel is Anna Karenina or The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
  3. My favorite season is winter.


Tell me about your role.

I am the QA Engineer & Technical Documentation Specialist for DataBlend. I have happily worked at DataBlend for over 2 years. I test our platform for bugs and try to break everything that I can. It is fun to say that I break things for a living. If I break something it is a great day because that saves the user from having a similar error. I also write our knowledge base documentation which helps users navigate our platform.


Why did you join DataBlend?

I joined DataBlend in 2021 because I truly believe in our mission. Automation is the wave of the future and DataBlend is just that. DataBlend is a unique solution on the marketplace that has found an untouched niche. In addition to the DataBlend platform our team is outstanding. Our culture is amazing, and it feels great to be part of such an inclusive team.


What’s your favorite connection with DataBlend?

My favorite connection is our Google Sheets connector. Everyone uses Google Sheets! Our connection is seamless, and it provides a unique solution for so many users. We offer collectors and data targets, allowing users to send and receive data in seconds.