What's new with DataBlend? November 21st Release Notes.

The highly skilled product team at DataBlend releases new connectors and updates monthly. It's our way of keeping the product fresh and up-to-date with the latest connectors and improvements. Below is a brief outline of the newest release. To see all our release notes, visit https://datablend.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DS1/pages/1390837767/Release+Notes

Existing Connector Updates

There is a reason why DataBlend is trusted by finance and accounting departments at over 600 companies. Our impressive product team is committed to updating and improving our growing number of connectors, enabling users to have fast, reliable, and secure integrations between their everyday applications. 

With this release, we've updated the following connectors:

  • Collector: General Ledger Parameters Update
  • Collector: Employee Effective Rate by Allocation Past Rate Update
  • Data Target: User V4 Update
  • Collector: Pay Statements Parameter Update
  • Collector: Pay Statements Missing Records Bug Fix
  • Collector: Session Checkouts
  • Collector: Payment Links
  • Data Target: Session Checkouts
  • Data Target: Payment Links
Google Sheets
  • Credential: Folder Update
  • Collectors: Transactions Time Zone Parameter
  • Collectors: Error Handling Update
Sage Intacct
  • Data Target: Contract Fields Bug Fix
  • Data Target: Customers Fields Bug Fix
  • Data Target: AR Invoice Fields Bug Fix
  • Data Target: Vendor taxsolutionid Update
All Connectors
  • Queries: Specific Stream Selection Bug Fix
  • Credentials: Lock Update

New UI Updates

We are continuously improving DataBlend's UI. This month we updated the following:

  • SFTP Client
  • Folder Delete Update
  • Naming Updates

We hope you are as excited as we are about our latest release! If you want to learn more about what finance and accounting applications DataBlend connects to, head over to our integrations page: https://datablend.com/integrations/

About DataBlend

DataBlend is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution designed exclusively for CFOs, controllers, and their teams. Featuring a no-code, low-code workflow builder, DataBlend allows accounting and finance professionals to create secure and worry-free data integrations. Companies use Datablend to collect and join data from multiple sources, build workflows (e.g. field-to-field mapping, pivot tables, and additional data transformations through virtually unlimited custom scripting possibilities), and schedule events so users are never without real-time data access. DataBlend’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage all application integrations from a single platform, eliminating the need to rely on IT resources to manage multiple, point-to-point connections.