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Leverage DataBlend to build reports and connect data into Google Sheets™ from the most commonly used ERP, CRM, HR/Payroll applications along with many others.

Google™ Workspace is the growing go-to for office productivity software, and more than 900 million people use Google Sheets™. With Google Sheets™, you can create and edit spreadsheets directly in your web browser—no special software is required. Multiple people can work simultaneously; you can see people's changes as they make them, and every change is saved automatically.

Google Sheets™ App Sample Use Cases

Use Case 1

Board/Management Reporting

Update your monthly board package or management reporting with a few clicks. Reduce the uncertainty and stress of getting data into presentation format.

Use Case 2

Pivot Reporting

Use our pivot/reporting capabilities to slice and dice your Workday® Adaptive Planning data in real-time and perform additional detailed analysis.

Use Case 3

Distribute Data

Collect or distribute data with users who are not frequent Workday® Adaptive Planning users in an automated fashion. For example, users can collect budget input data from users modeling data offline in Google Sheets™ without having to re-key in data. They can also share reports with users who are reluctant to log in to the system but use Google™ Workspace.

Use Case 4

Connect Data
Connect data and report on data from multiple sources, not just Workday® Adaptive Planning. Build reporting workbooks that leverage data from Workday® Adaptive Planning, as well as your accounting system or CRM.

DataBlend Supports the Office of Finance

DataBlend Supports the Office of Finance

DataBlend is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution that caters specifically to the office of finance. With over 600 customers, we provide secure and seamless integration without the need for expensive subscriptions or overburdening internal IT resources. You can trust us to deliver worry-free solutions.

DataBlend empowers finance and accounting by:

  • Eliminating manual CSV or Excel extractions, transformations, and uploads
  • Keeping data across systems in-sync
  • Ensuring timely and accurate reporting
  • Eradicating human errors
  • Creating efficiencies by automating otherwise manual tasks

What Google Sheets™ users can do leveraging DataBlend's app?

  • Seamlessly update data from Workday® Adaptive Planning into Google Sheets™ with one click.
  • Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming download of report data.
  • Pick and choose Workday® Adaptive Planning data set hierarchies, including accounts, levels, timespans, dimensions, attributes, and versions.
  • Build reports with no formulas using DataBlend’s drag-and-drop pivot-style reporting wizard.
  • Incorporate data extracts with all attributes (account, level, dimension) for reporting, filtering, and grouping.
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