SharePoint is a cloud-based enterprise application that enables collaboration, document management, and storage amongst Microsoft Office users. It has 200 million monthly active users. DataBlend's SharePoint connector enables users to build integrations and automations around SharePoint and other third-party applications. Seamlessly integrate with popular finance and accounting applications for real-time data access and movement.

SharePoint Sample Use Cases

Use Case 1

Sync Data

Collaborate more efficiently across teams by sharing project data and integrating entries with SharePoint to eliminate repetitive manual data entry.

Use Case 2

Unite Data

You can integrate applications to store and access product information, which allows employees to find content quickly and reduces reliance on subject matter experts.

Use Case 3

Generate Reports

Integrate SharePoint with finance and accounting applications to share information quickly across teams via reports.

Use Case 4

Generate Invoices

Integrate SharePoint with your ERP to generate a single-line item whenever you add a new row to a SharePoint list.

Use Case 5

Schedule File Drops

You can automate file management by scheduling files to be uploaded to SharePoint at a specific time. Automating this process ensures that important documents are always uploaded on time.

DataBlend Supports the Office of Finance

SharePoint Image

DataBlend is an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution that caters specifically to the office of finance. With over 600 customers, we provide secure and seamless integration without the need for expensive subscriptions or overburdening internal IT resources. You can trust us to deliver worry-free solutions.

DataBlend empowers finance and accounting by:

  • Eliminating manual CSV or Excel extractions, transformations, and uploads
  • Keeping data across systems in-sync
  • Ensuring timely and accurate reporting
  • Eradicating human errors
  • Creating efficiencies by automating otherwise manual tasks
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