Snowflake provides a single platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and secure sharing and consumption of real-time/shared data. 


Companies using Snowflake can seamlessly load data from different sources like Shopify, Business Central, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Stripe, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more with DataBlend.

Snowflake Use Case Samples

Use Case 1

Extract From Your ERP
Extract information from your ERP and perform the required transformations to load data according to the specific Snowflake data schema.

Use Case 2

Create Workflows to Join Data
Create comprehensive workflows that join data from multiple sources (e.g. ERP, CRM, and Budget applications), join the data based on applied business logic, and load into Snowflake. 

Use Case 3

Optimize Data Updates

DataBlend optimizes data updates/loads to Snowflake, allowing users to access limited sources with throttled APIs.

Use Case 4

Consolidate Data
Connect multiple distinct sources, such as different entities, clients, franchises, ERPs, and chart of accounts. DataBlend helps consolidate data before it is loaded into Snowflake.

What Snowflake users can do leveraging DataBlend's app?

  • Rename Data
  • Update Dates
  • Schedule snapshots of data from an external source
  • Add Leads
  • Assign Account Reps
  • Connect to external BI and reporting tools
  • Export Snowflake Data
  • Run Data Quality Reports
  • Refresh data from an external source
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