Zoho CRM helps businesses manage customer relationships, streamline sales processes, and improve productivity. It provides a centralized platform where companies can organize and track customer information, leads, opportunities, and communication. 

Leverage DataBlend's Zoho CRM integration to receive data from leading ERP, Marketing, Data Storage, and e-Commerce applications.

Zoho CRM Sample Use Cases

Use Case 1

Convert Leads

To convert a lead and associate it with relevant records in Contacts, Accounts, and Deals, you can use DataBlend's Zoho CRM connection. DataBlend helps you find records matching the lead's data you want to convert instead of creating new ones with the same data.

Use Case 2

Associate Emails with Record Entities

Associate an email entry with a record and map another record to the same. For example, suppose you associate an email with a Deal. In that case, you might also need to map a contact with it, facilitated using the associate email API.

Use Case 3

Create, Delete, and Update Notes
Notes provide additional information about a contact, account, deal, or task. You can find the notes section in most of the modules. DataBlend's Zoho CRM connection allows you to create, delete, or update notes, making performing actions on single or multiple notes easier.

Use Case 4

Mass Update Capability
DataBlend's Zoho CRM connection's mass update feature allows you to update the values of specific fields for multiple records in territories or custom views in a module. This is useful when updating the same field for all records in a module, territory, or custom view.

What Zoho CRM users can do leveraging DataBlend's app?

  • Create / Update Contract Roles
  • Update / Delete Specific Role
  • Delete Contract Roles
  • Add Contract Roles for Specific Deals
  • Remove Contract Roles for Specific Deals
  • Convert Leads
  • Mass Covert Leads
  • Send Mail
  • Associate Emails with Records
  • Create / Update / Delete Notes
  • Update a Specific Notes
  • Add / Update / Delete Notes for Specific Records
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