Zoho Finance

Zoho Finance provides a unified platform with a comprehensive suite of online apps for invoicing, inventory, accounting, and more.

Leverage DataBlend's Zoho Finance integration to receive data from leading ERP, Marketing, Data Storage, and e-Commerce applications.

Zoho Finance Sample Use Cases

Use Case 1

Payment Gateways Integration

Integrate Zoho Invoice with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or Square. This enables your clients to make payments directly from the invoice, reducing delays and improving cash flow.

Use Case 2

CRM Integration

If you use a CRM system like Zoho CRM, integrating it with Zoho Invoice allows for seamless syncing of customer data, enabling you to create invoices directly from your CRM contacts and track invoice status within your CRM dashboard.

Use Case 3

Accounting Software Integration
Sync Zoho Invoice with accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero. This ensures that your financial data is consistent across platforms and eliminates the need for manual data entry when reconciling invoices with your accounting records.

What Zoho Finance users can do leveraging DataBlend's app?

  • Retrieve, Create, and Update Invoices
  • Get an Invoice Attachment
  • Cancel Meetings
  • Create / Update Contract Roles
  • Update / Delete Specific Role
  • Delete Contract Roles
  • Add Contract Roles for Specific Deals
  • Retrieve, Create, and Update Payments
  • Contact Roles
  • Remove Contract Roles for Specific Deals
  • Convert Leads
  • Mass Covert Leads
  • Send Mail
  • Retrieve, Create, and Update Contacts
  • Convert Leads
  • Associate Emails with Records
  • Create / Update / Delete Notes
  • Update a Specific Notes
  • Add / Update / Delete Notes for Specific Records
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