Workday® Adaptive Planning is enterprise planning for a changing world. With Workday® Adaptive Planning, you can make better decisions faster with flexible and easy-to-use enterprise planning software.

How does DataBlend bring value to Adaptive users?

DataBlend is a leading provider of financial-based integrations for Workday® Adaptive Planning. We have extensive experience working with Workday® Adaptive Planning and a strong focus on organizations' finance department needs. Our team includes former implementers and users of Workday® Adaptive Planning who can help build successful and efficient integrations.

DataBlend provides a turnkey solution to Workday® Adaptive Planning users. DataBlend can collect data from source systems, such as Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, etc., transform it per your specific needs, and load it into Workday® Adaptive Planning. DataBlend also provides warnings and errors back into DataBlend so that you can adapt and fix issues quickly and reload the data to correct the errors. It happens quickly and efficiently.

Workday® Adaptive Planning Sample Use Cases

Use Case 1

Automate Workflows
By integrating Workday® Adaptive Planning you can automate budgeting and forecasting, planning, and general ledger workflows. For example, employee data (salaries, hours, etc.,) in Workday® Adaptive Planning can be customized to whatever you need.

Use Case 2

Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Transactional data
Leveraging DataBlend’s setup wizard, integrating Workday® Adaptive Planning and accounting software provides key stakeholders with access to live projections any time they need them without the wait.

Use Case 3

Transporting Data
DataBlend can pull data from accounts from specific sheets and push it into a different combination of those things. A user can transport the data from one instance of Workday® Adaptive Planning into another. It can be transported across multiple instances or within the same instance.

DataBlend Wizards and Support

DataBlend Wizards and Support

DataBlend can deliver fast implementations to minimize the time to value for many of our clients by using our user-friendly setup wizards. Each of these wizards walk you through a step-by-step setup with easy to use drop down selections that enable finance staff the tools to self-provision seamless integration between core financial software.

In addition, DataBlend provides integration assistance and on-going product support services with our experienced team of consultants. The DataBlend consulting team works with new and existing customers to integrate their current financial tech stack and provide a strategic partnership as your company grows and business needs evolve. In the spirit of partnership, DataBlend provides on-going support for all clients to ensure that our team is just a phone call away.

What Workday® Adaptive Planning users can do leveraging DataBlend integration?

  • Load general ledger details
  • Bulk imports on schedule or on demand
  • Load dimensional data such as location, department, vendor, customer, etc.,
  • Export data from Adaptive and Load into different systems, such as Salesforce
  • In some cases, DataBlend can transform between the end balance and delta values
  • Update data in Workday® Adaptive Planning based on the source data
  • Fulfilling orders or time and materials
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DataBlend is a leader in financial-based Workday® Adaptive Planning integrations because of our extensive experience with Workday® Adaptive Planning. DataBlend is not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Workday.