Sage Intacct is one of the most popular ERP/accounting software platforms on the market. With its robust features and optimal capabilities, it's no wonder accounting teams love using the platform, as it streamlines their work. Although Sage Intacct fulfills most of an accountant's requirements, like any other application, it has its limitations. This is where an iPaaS solution like DataBlend adds value.

How does DataBlend bring value to Sage Intacct users?

DataBlend is the leader in Sage Intacct integrations due to our extensive experience with Sage Intacct and our focus on the needs of the finance department. We have experienced Sage Intacct implementers and users who create effective integrations. More of our clients use DataBlend’s Sage Intacct connector than any other. 

Sample Use Cases

Use Case 1

Employee Reimbursements
You can substitute Intacct’s Employee Reimbursement module for a solution such as Concur which has a more robust approval engine. DataBlend will allow you to use the expense management solution of your choosing and take all the desired information from that system and put into Intacct exactly where you need it to complete your business processes.

Use Case 2

Balance Sheet and Income statement data
Leveraging DataBlend’s setup wizard, integrating Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning, key stakeholders can have access to live projections any time they need them without the wait. Projections are in real-time.

Use Case 3

Financial Close
Many of our clients have taken advantage of our BlackLine wizard to establish an integration with their market leading financial close software.

DataBlend Wizards and Support

DataBlend Wizards and Support

DataBlend can deliver fast implementations (within minutes) to minimize the time to value for many of our clients by using our user-friendly setup wizards. Each of these wizards walk you through a step-by-step setup with easy to use drop down selections that enable finance staff the tools to self-provision seamless integration between core financial software.

In addition to the use of setup wizards, DataBlend also provides integration assistance and on-going product support services with our experienced team of consultants. The DataBlend consulting team works with new and existing customers to integrate their current financial tech stack and provide a strategic partnership as your company grows and business needs evolve. In the spirit of partnership, DataBlend provides on-going support for all clients to ensure that our team is just a phone call away.

What Sage Intacct users can do leveraging DataBlend integration?

  • Create invoices
  • Create payments
  • Create contracts
  • Load general ledger details
  • Bulk imports on schedule or on demand
  • Full account lists, opportunities, or products can be loaded at one time
  • Load invoices back to Salesforce
  • Use custom fields and options
  • Observe % complete for revenue recognition
  • Update project status in Intacct based on Salesforce objects
  • Fulfilling orders or time and materials
  • Integrating Sage Intacct Grants with Salesforce Opportunities (non-profit)
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